beer movie [beer moo-vee]

1. Motion picture ideally suited for viewing with a steady supply of alcohol. Limited in the main to the genres of action, horror and sci-fi, these films are generally typified by a lack of plot or characterisation, balanced by an abundance of violence, nudity and coarse language.
2. Any DVD that costs less than £3. (i.e. “It’s cheaper than a pint and lasts a damn sight longer.”)

So you’re standing in the shop queue with your crate of beer under your arm. You’ve got your whole evening planned. But wait! Don’t you need something to watch while you’re drinking those 12 beers all to yourself in a darkened room? Have you thought of that? There’s a DVD shelf right there, but after you’ve paid for your beer you’re only going to have £3.00 to spend. That limits your options, so you better choose wisely. Is it going to be Sci-fighters or Alienator? Code of Silence or Tough and Deadly? Hemoglobin or Necromentia? This is where beermovieguide comes in. We’ve seen the movies no-one else will touch. We’ve scraped the bottom of the bargain bucket to uncover the bad, the good and the beer-worthy. We’re now reviewing and categorising them here for your assistance and entertainment.

We’re posting reviews of newly discovered trash all the time so stop by regularly. We’ll also gladly hear any suggestions for future beer movie entries. Only one rule – every film featured here has to cost £3 or under. The lower the better!


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